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    Line of sun is the most important line found in one's palm , without it we can say a person is away from the light of sun and he gets nothing in this world. Without this line the life has no happiness, no sunshine, as it were, and even the greatest talents lie in darkness and do not produce their fruit.
    People with the Sun Line appear to have more magnetism, more influence
    over others. They more easily secure recognition, reward, riches, and
    They also have a happier and brighter disposition, and this has
    naturally a great deal to do with what is called success.

    Initiation point :- line of sun can start from any mount but it should reach toward mount of sun . A good sun line should be of very fine line and color of line should be light red , pinkish or honey color. From the Line of Life, the Line of Fate, the Plain of Mars, the Mount of
    the Moon, Venus , the Line of Head, and from the Line of Heart, or it may only
    appear as a small line on its own Mount.

    Properties and effects From the Line of Life, the Line of Fate, the Plain of Mars, the Mount of
    the Moon, the Line of Head, and from the Line of Heart, or it may only
    appear as a small line on its own Mount.

    Rising from the Line of Life, it promises success from
    whatever the life is that is led, but not from "luck."

    From the Line of Fate, it is a sure sign of recognition
    for the career adopted, but brought about by the personal effort of the

    From the Plain of Mars, and not connected with the other lines, it
    foretells success after difficulties.

    From the Mount of the Moon, success is more a matter due to the caprice of others. It is more changeable and uncertain and is by no means such a sure sign of riches or solid position. It is more the sign of success as a public favorite, and is often found in the hands of
    those who depend on the public for their livelihood, such as actors and
    actresses, singers, and certain classes of artists, speakers, clergymen,
    etc. For all such professions it is, however, fortunate, and an extremely
    lucky sign to have, as it promises in all cases luck, brilliancy, and
    recognition in the world.

    Rising from the Line of Head, the Sun Line gives success from the mental
    efforts and qualities, but not until after the middle of life is past. It
    is found on the hands of brain workers, students of some particular
    branch of study, writers, scientists, etc.

    From the Line of Heart, success will come late in life in some way
    depending on, or through, the affections. In such cases it generally
    promises a very happy marriage late in life, but it is always a certain
    sign of eventual ease, happiness, and worldly comfort.

    Marked only on its own Mount, the Line of Sun promises happiness and
    success, but so late in life as to make it hardly worth having.

    When the third finger--called the finger of the Sun--is much longer than
    the first with the Line of Sun well marked, the gambling instincts will
    be much in evidence. Nearly all successful gamblers for money have these
    two indications.

    When, however, the third finger is equal to the second, the love of
    amassing wealth will be the dominant passion of the life.

    When the third finger is extremely long and twisted or crooked, the
    person will endeavor to obtain money at any cost. This malformation is
    much seen in the hands of thieves or criminals who are likely to commit
    any crime for the sake of money. Note--if the Line of Head is very high
    on the palm, and more especially if it rises upwards at the end,
    these evil qualities will be still more accentuated.

    When a hand is found to be artistic in its shape, with pointed fingers or
    long and narrow, the Line of Sun on such a formation promises rather
    success and brilliancy in Art, on the Stage, or in Public Singing, than
    in anything else.

    The real musician's hand, such as the composer's or player's, is however
    rarely a long, thin-shaped hand, because such persons must have a more
    scientific nature. This quality is not found with those who possess the
    long, slender, very artistic-shaped hand, who depend more on their
    emotional temperament than on scientific study for their foundation.

    On extremely long, thin hands, those that belong to what is called the
    Psychic Type, the Line of Sun has very little meaning except that of
    temperament, such persons being too idealistic to care for either wealth,
    position, or worldly success. They have as a rule, simply bright, happy,
    sunny dispositions if this line is marked on their hands, and they go
    through life as in a dream, and their dreams are to them the only things
    that matter.

    A curious characteristic, however, and one that has not been noticed by
    other writers on this subject, is, that on all hands where the Sun Line
    is seen, the nature of such people is much more sensitive to environment
    than that of those persons who do not possess this Line. For this reason
    the Line has been considered a sign of the artistic nature. But what is
    known as the "artistic nature" may show itself only in the love of
    beautiful things, harmony of surroundings, and such like; whereas the
    people who do not possess any mark of the Sun Line, seldom even notice
    their surroundings and would live equally happy in the most squalid
    homes. They would not trouble whether their curtains were black, green,
    yellow, or some fearful conglomeration of all three.

    When many lines are found on the Mount of the Sun, they show also the
    artistic nature, but one where the multiplicity of aims and ideas will
    prevent any real success.

    Two or three Sun Lines, when running parallel and evenly together, are
    good and indicate success in two or three different lines of work; but
    one good, straight, clear line is the best sign to have.

    An "island" on any part of the Line of the Sun destroys the position and
    success promised, but only during the period where the island appears.
    In nearly all cases it denotes public scandal, and when very
    clearly marked a _cause celebre_ or something of that sort.

    All opposition lines, viz., those that cross over from the thumb side of
    the hand, and especially those from the Mount of Mars or from its
    direction, are bad. If these opposition lines pass
    through, cut, or interfere with the Line of Sun in any way, they denote
    the jealousy or interference of people against one.

    Curiously enough, these opposition lines from the Mount of Mars relate to
    the interference of members of the same sex as the subject; while, if
    they come from the Mount of Venus, they relate to the opposite sex of the
    individual on whose hand they appear.

    A "star" found on the Line of Sun is one of the luckiest and most
    fortunate signs to have.

    A "square" is a sign of preservation against the attacks of enemies or
    efforts to assail one's position.

    A "cross" is an unfortunate sign, and denotes difficulties and annoyance,
    but only relating to one's name or position.

    On a "hollow hand," the Line of Sun loses all power, and its good
    promises are never fulfilled.

    The complete absence of the Line of Sun on an otherwise well-marked hand,
    indicates that no matter how clever or talented these people may be, the
    recognition of the world will be difficult or even impossible to gain. In
    other words, their life will remain in darkness; people will not see
    their work and the "Sun of Success" will never dawn on their pathway of
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